Artificial Intelligence Specialist

| Post by Green Cat

The company continually seeks to innovate, improving the service to clients and increasing its data analytics capabilities.  As part of this process, GCR are seeking an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist to drive forward improvement projects across the business utilising and developing state of the art AI techniques.  The successful candidate would work with the company’s management team to identify opportunities where AI solutions could be implemented to improve the company’s productivity.  When suitable applications have been identified, the candidate would develop a business plan for implementation, including agreeing success metrics, which would be presented to the management team for approval.

The Role:

The role will initially be focussed on delivering three specific projects, being responsible for the following:

  • Solution Design and Development: collaborate with internal stakeholders to design, develop, and implement AI solutions; select appropriate AI algorithms, machine learning models, and data analytics techniques; oversee the development process, ensuring the quality and integrity of the AI solutions.
  • Data Preparation and Modelling: prepare and structure data for AI projects; perform data cleaning, preprocessing, feature engineering, and dataset creation; build and train machine learning models.
  • Performance Evaluation and Optimization: evaluate the performance and effectiveness of AI solutions with rigorous testing and validation; monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the impact of AI initiatives on business outcomes; identify areas for improvement or optimization.

It is envisaged that the role would also involve:

  • Assessment and Analysis: evaluate GCR’s business processes, data infrastructure, and technological capabilities; identify opportunities for AI integration and optimization; analyse GCR’s needs, objectives, and constraints to develop tailored AI strategies that align with business goals and priorities.
  • AI Business Plan: work with the company’s management team to develop an AI business plan for implementation of AI solutions; agree measures of success; seek approval from senior management.
  • Research and Development: conduct research and evaluate industry best practices; specify innovative AI solutions that drive value and competitive advantage; seek to improve existing AI solutions.
  • AI Data and Model Management: working with the internal IT team, be responsible for managing cloud services used for deploying AI models, particularly with respect to ongoing data size and cost efficiencies.

For more information on the role and for details on how to apply, please click here.