Farmers & Landowners

Green Cat Renewables is a renewable energy, development support company with a strong track record of economically and efficiently delivering projects for farmers and landowners.

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Portfolio Developers

Green Cat Renewables are a renewable energy consultancy, who offer a broad interdisciplinary range of support services, with a strong and extensive track record of successfully delivering renewable energy projects.

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Community Groups

Green Cat Renewables are a renewable energy development support company, that are considered by their customers to be supportive, engaging and open, with a strong and extensive track record of successfully delivering projects for community groups.

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Investors & Funders

Green Cat Renewables is an engineering and environmental consultancy, providing professional services to the renewable energy and associated infrastructure markets. Since founding, our business has become an established player in the small and medium scale wind, solar PV and hydro development markets across the UK.

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We bring our deep understanding of renewables to support your project from concept to reality.

Wind 600MW

Solar 200 MWp

Hydro 25 MW

Hybrid 15 MW


Green Cat Completes Work on Fair-A-Far Fish Pass Project, Cramond

The latest project from Green Cat Contracting (GCC), the Fair-A-Far Fish Pass, officially opened this month. Contracting was awarded the project in June 2017, work began in August, and the structure was completed in February this year. The Fair-A-Far Fish Pass is part of the four-year RiverLife: Almond & Avon project which began in 2016, … Continued

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Green Cat Renewables Delighted to see Welton of Creuchies Wind Farm, Perthshire, up and running

Green Cat was delighted to see the Welton of Creuchies Wind Farm project in Perthshire up and running this year. This project was the first of its kind sharing grid connection infrastructure with a neighbouring project to reduce both capital costs and use of system charges. The project is a joint venture with majority shareholder … Continued

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Green Cat Renewables completes on Deuchries Wind Farm, Aberdeenshire

Green Cat signed off on the Deuchries Wind Farm project earlier this year – the first to be fully funded, constructed, and completed solely by the company. Owned outright by Green Cat Companies, work began last year utilising all companies under the Green Cat umbrella. Green Cat Renewables managed the construction of the project, with … Continued

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