Farmers & Landowners

Green Cat Renewables is a renewable energy, development support company with a strong track record of economically and efficiently delivering projects for farmers and landowners.
We work either in an advisory capacity or in a joint venture, delivering the economic and practical benefits of developments directly into the farm or business. The focus for Green Cat Renewables is firmly set on the desired outcome and not the process.

Track Record

The vast majority of our projects have been of a farm-scale, dealing directly with farmers or landowners and providing a very strong understanding of the client’s needs. Approximately 90% of the successful planning applications Green Cat Renewables has gained planning consent for, has been at a local level, where a strong case can be made for the diversification of a local farm or business that results in direct and sustainable benefits to the local economy.

Furthermore, where Green Cat Renewables is involved in the construction of a project, local contractors are preferred where possible, which helps to control project costs, a working relationship can be built on trust, and the local economy benefits further.


Our multi-disciplinary team offers a wide range of development support services from project concept and feasibility through planning, modelling, engineering, due diligence and operational assessment.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with a unique integrated service package with the minimum number of interfaces with the aim of reducing risk, preventing delays and simplifying the process. This in turn means we can deliver an efficient, seamless and cost effective package of development support.