HV Maintenance

Green Cat Renewables’ extensive experience in renewable energy developments has allowed us to develop an efficient and thorough HV/LV inspection and maintenance programme for electrical infrastructure.

The HV and LV Maintenance Services assists in fulfilling our Clients duties which are obligatory under Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002 (ESQCR), Model Distribution Safety Rules 2017 and Electricity at Work Regulation 1989. The comprehensive report alerts our Clients of any equipment degradation or other defects. Acting in a preventative manner mitigates costs in the long term, minimises downtime and improves site safety. 

The inspection covers condition reporting and functionality checks and, where appropriate, recommendations are provided. The annual inspection is site-specific and typically includes an analysis of the following: 

  • Substation Building 
  • LV Equipment 
  • Functional testing of HV Switchgear 
  • HV Terminations 
  • LV Power Network 
  • Thermal Graphic Survey
  • Earthing System

We also offer the following additional services: 

  • HV switchgear maintenance including protection testing and EICR Testing of small electricals. To be completed every four years, as per switchgear vendor’s recommendation. 
  • Assistance with the repair or replacement of equipment 
  • Protection settings studies and updates
  • Cable fault locator and repair
  • Distribution Network Operator isolation
  • Switching/SAP Services on a Callout basis 

GCR price all projects on a site-specific basis, considering location and facility arrangement. This allows us to be competitively priced and ensures the best value for our Clients. If these services are of interest to you or your company, please do not hesitate to get in contact for a quote.