Facility Management Services

Facility Management Services

Our Operations and Management team can provide tailored management and active monitoring of operational wind and solar projects. This service aims to maximise the potential of your operational renewables project. We are very flexible on scope and each O&M contract is completely tailored to your requirements.

Problems can and do arise with operational projects. We are especially experienced in troubleshooting and problem-solving at any stage. Early monitoring of data from commissioning will provide early indications of issues.

Active performance monitoring gives you the peace of mind and reassurance that everything is running smoothly and at full potential, giving you maximum return on your investment.

A typical scope of O&M services would include:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Annual and ad-hoc site inspection
  • Monthly and quarterly Ofgem submissions
  • Monthly and annual reporting for yourself and investor requirements
  • Project management and troubleshooting of issues as they arise
  • Planning condition monitoring, ensuring requirements are adhered to in a timely fashion

Green Cat currently manage twenty-seven projects including:

  • Single sub-MW wind turbines
  • Portfolios of wind turbines spread across the UK on behalf of developer clients
  • Wind farms of up to 10MW capacity
  • 5MW solar parks
  • Rooftop solar sites
  • Hybrid wind and solar sites

We always aim to be flexible on scope and tailor the service to customer requirements.
A variety of platforms are used to monitor the sites, ranging from in-house tools to manufacturers’ own software and other third-party systems.

Other management services include:

  • Ofgem Compliance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Independent Performance Analysis
  • Site Inspections
  • Book-keeping Services
  • Noise Assessment Services
  • Site Condition appraisal
  • Grid and Private-Wire Connections