Solar and EV charging installation completed at Edinburgh office

| Post by Green Cat
The sun was shining last week as Green Cat officially launched its Solar PV system and EV charging point at the Edinburgh office.

Green Cat has installed a 48.60kWp rooftop solar PV system expected to offset approximately 20 per cent of the office building electricity demand.

The system benefits from high utilisation of PV generated electricity within the building to off-set imported grid electricity costs, as well as feed in tariff support.

In just under two weeks, following commissioning, the system has already generated 2,500kWh of electricity. Green Cat also installed five Electric Vehicle fast charging points at the office, and each of the 22kW sockets can be accessed by our staff and tenants via a smartphone app.

Green Cat Renewables is planning to add an EV to the Pool car fleet within the next couple of months, and expect many of the company staff and tenants of our Edinburgh office, Stobo House, will follow suit in the near future as EV sales are expected to rapidly increase in the UK over the coming years. Green Cat Renewables Project Manager David Manderson commented:

“This is a fantastic project that helps reduce our reliance on grid imported electricity, whilst putting in place fast charging infrastructure ahead of the expected rapid growth of EV sales in the UK over the coming years.”

Forster Energy completed the solar installation, and Green Cat sister company Prelec completed the charge point enabling works, with POD point supplying and commissioning the charge point units.

The next phase of the project will involve integration of battery storage and control unit to create a smart system that manages the generation from the solar, load from the building and EV chargers, in a way that increases solar utilisation further. This will reduce reliance on the grid at peak times.