Geotechnical Services

Green Cat Renewables has extensive experience in all aspects of geotechnical assessment.

The design and execution of a well-designed site investigation is essential for the successful development of any site. Renewables projects are no exception to this rule.

Our experience encompasses scoping of ground investigations and drilling boreholes, through in situ and laboratory testing to interpretation, advice and liaison with regulators and other professionals. The company has undertaken site investigations on well over two hundred sites.

Primarily used to support the design and construction of wind and hydro projects, the Geotechnical Team can also provide a stand-alone service to clients for a wide range of projects, from a single house to large industrial developments, and including all renewable energy schemes of any size.

To satisfy the demanding requirements of a wind turbine, adequate site investigation is essential to evaluate the bearing capacity, amount and rate of settlement, stress, deformation, overall stability, durability and dynamic behaviour of the foundation. The best site investigations are designed to provide sufficient technical information in the most economical manner. GCR work closely with turbine manufacturers and use our knowledge of suitable techniques in the anticipated ground conditions to ensure best value.

A similar approach is adopted with work for hydro schemes. A topographic survey combined with trial excavations and detailed walkovers allow selection of the most appropriate locations for the weir, pipes and turbine. Advanced warning of adverse features, such as shallow rock or unstable ground, allows realistic budgets to be set and reduces the risk of high additional costs associated with unforeseen ground conditions.

Hydrological and hydrogeological conditions are assessed as part of the geotechnical investigation both from existing data and in-situ testing.

GCR offers:

  • Desk-top studies to assess the geotechnical conditions, including an extensive in-house database;
  • The design of cost-effective ground investigations based on available data;
  • Trial pits and boreholes in soil and rock;
  • Field installations and monitoring;
  • Field testing;
  • Peat probing and peat slide assessments;
  • Laboratory geotechnical testing;
  • Laboratory geoenvironmental testing;
  • Dynamic soil and rock parameters (wind turbine and machine bases);
  • Bearing capacity of soil and rock and advice on specialist foundation requirements;
  • Structural formation examinations;
  • Soil and rock slope stability assessment; and
  • Earthworks, including excavation, aggregates, reuse of soils and rocks.


  • Ground investigation
  • Mining stability
  • Contaminated land
  • Peat slide assessment
  • Site testing
  • Laboratory testing - soil & rock
  • Desk studies