Noise Assessment Services

Green Cat Renewables provide a full range of noise assessment services tailored to suit the scale and needs of your project.

The noise team at Green Cat have assessed the potential noise impacts of more than 200 renewable energy projects, located throughout the UK and beyond, gaining expertise derived from over 12 years of practical experience.

The team conduct predictive noise modelling studies to determine noise constraints at an early stage of project development, liaising with EHOs and planners to determine noise-monitoring requirements including the production of noise contour maps for potential project sites. These studies often include cumulative noise assessments to determine the capacity of sites influenced by neighbouring developments.

GCR have become recognised wind turbine noise specialists with skills and experience covering all aspects of the project life cycle including construction noise assessments, testing for compliance with consented noise limits, tonal and sound power measurements following IEC 61400:11, the detection and rating of amplitude modulation in wind turbine noise and noise complaint investigations.

Wind turbine noise levels at neighbouring properties are assessed using current Institute of Acoustics (IoA) Good Practice Guidance and the assessment of amplitude modulation follows the currently emerging methods by the IoA Amplitude Modulation Working Group. Audio recordings are screened for robust noise source validation.

Where noise issues are found to occur, our team has experience of applying and testing mitigation designed to efficiently reduce operational noise. The team have experience of managing projects through noise abatement legislation by working to find effective solutions to the satisfaction of the local planning authority and have also acted as expert witness to legal proceedings when required.

The team have assessed the potential noise impact of hydro, solar and industrial plant for following the BS4142 method specific to industrial noise sources and have specified louvered enclosures and brick plant buildings to limit noise breakout. Green Cat Renewables provide a full range of noise assessment services tailored to suit the scale and needs of your project.

  • Background noise surveys
  • Turbine compliance testing
  • Noise mitigation testing
  • Construction noise
  • Sound power assessment
  • Tonal assessment
  • Key frameworks:
  • ETSU-R-97
  • IoA GPG
  • A Reference Method IEC-61400 BS-4142 BS-5228 BDS-8223
  • Renewable Generators
  • Industrial Plant Noise