Operational Due Diligence

Green Cat Renewables Technical Services team conducts Operational Due Diligence reviews on the technical merits of wind and solar assets to help inform investors and lenders.

Our team of analysts and engineers provide impartial technical reviews. These appraisals encompass asset contracts, warranty compliance, and performance and site condition assessments, and can be undertaken in a holistic approach.

Projects are situated across the UK, with the southernmost projects in Cornwall, England, and northernmost in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Site visits are conducted at each project to inspect the ‘as-built’ design, infrastructure condition and to verify contextual surroundings that may affect long term performance.

Historical energy data from turbines is processed and prepared for correlation with off-site long term reference climatic data, including enquiry into downtime periods, performance issues and environmentally impacted generation periods. Long term P50 yields are derived based on measured site data and historical climate, accounting for technical losses.

Uncertainty analyses are undertaken in order to estimate the variability of long term prediction due to measurement and modelling accuracy, as well as natural variability, and forms the basis of P90 energy production estimates.

A technical review of construction and installation contracts and operation and maintenance provisions provide a complete technical review of site infrastructure.

Further to this, a review of the following is conducted for each project:

  • Geotechnical studies
  • Ofgem accreditation status
  • Commissioning and planning
  • Grid Connection Agreement

This proportionate approach ensures key data is appraised while minimising transaction due diligence costs.

  • A number of projects comprising wind turbines and solar farms across the UK
  • Total installed capacity of portfolio: 3.95 MW
  • Site production data was assessed to better understand future performance
  • GCR also derived P50 and P90 values for all the sites based on operational data
  • Ideal, economic approach to appraising sites for buying, selling or refinancing projects