Solar Capability

Green Cat Renewables has a wide portfolio of experience in the planning, design development, engineering, delivery, and finance of ground-mounted and rooftop installations.

Green Cat Renewables (GCR) has a demonstrated track record in securing Planning Consent, Engineering Design, and Technical Analysis of small and large scale solar PV sites. Our experience profile includes small and large scale roof-mounted solar as well as ground-mounted grid-tied systems up to 100MWp.

Our capabilities include planning applications and conditions discharge/ management; energy yield analysis including whole of life forecasting; EPC and O&M contract procurement and technical negotiations; grid connection and scope interface management; construction management and supervision; PAC, IAC and FAC acceptance review; operational performance monitoring; fault diagnosis; and warranty compliance.

Working alongside developers, investors, and finance providers alike, GCR has a thorough understanding of the key technical barriers to the successful delivery and operation of a solar PV site.

Informed by over a decade of energy resource assessment and analysis experience, GCR has developed robust and bankable methods in-house for the analysis of long term performance forecasts at both pre-construction and operational stages. Our methodology also integrates industry-standard tools including PVsyst, and our experience gives us the flexibility to respond to site specific design requirements.

Our grid analysis capabilities enable assessment of the impact on generation of network curtailment and shared grid connections.

Technical knowledge of and experience in the negotiationof technical EPC and O&M contractprovisions, including acceptance andtechnical performance guarantees.

GCR’s experience of planning and designing sites ensures that we are well placed to maximise secondary benefits for community interest groups, farmers and developers alike. 

  • Over 1,500MWp of assets subject to appraisal
  • Over 80 ground-mounted projects ranging from small scale to 100MW sites
  • >700 rooftop solar sites
  • Private and community investment projects
  • Shared grid connections with wind projects, second solar generators, storage schemes, and on-site users
  • PVsyst
  • IET and IEC Standards