Substation Buildings

Green Cat Renewables are experienced in the design and construction of HV Substation Buildings compliant with the specifications of Distributor Network Operators.

GCR have successfully completed several substations up to 33kV specification with SSE and SPEN, utilising various materials and building techniques.

GCR has a dedicated team of structural/ civil design engineers and CAD technicians who are proficient in
structural analysis and design methodologies, ensuring the structural integrity and resilience of wind farm substation buildings.

GCR also has an electrical engineering team to aid with substation design, with extensive knowledge of electrical systems and components specific to wind farm substation buildings, including transformers, switchgear, control systems, and grounding systems. Skilled in designing electrical layouts, cable routing and equipment placement to maximize operational efficiency and reliability.

All the substation designs are 3D modelled in Revit. Setting out plans can also be supplied in AutoCAD formats.

GCR has in-house geotechnical engineers who can conduct geotechnical investigations and soil analysis to inform foundation design and mitigate risks associated with ground conditions.

Additionally, GCR has an in-house environmental and planning department with extensive knowledge in environmental considerations and compliance with permitting requirements, to minimize ecological impact and ensure regulatory compliance.

With a comprehensive skill set encompassing structural, electrical, and civil design disciplines, coupled with a proven track record of successful project delivery, GCR is well-equipped to provide tailored solutions for wind farm substation building design. Our commitment to innovation, quality and client satisfaction ensures that each project receives the attention to detail and expertise necessary to achieve exceptional results.

  • Electrical design and layout of substation building
  • Structural design for building warrant and construction
  • Drainage designs for surface water including rainwater harvesting or other SuDS techniques
  • Foul water drainage solutions with septic tanks and drainage fields
  • Substation earthworks and hard-standing designs
  • Bespoke security doors
  • Blast Vent calculations
  • Cable trenches and substructure wall specifications