Technical Due Diligence

Green Cat Renewables Technical Services team conducts Due Diligence reviews on the technical merits of small, medium and large renewable technology projects to help inform investors and lenders.

Our team of analysts and engineers provides impartial technical reviews to identify project risks to investors. Reviews encompass project design and performance, planning obligations, grid requirements, project contracts, warranty compliance, site conditions, and technical CAPEX & OPEX inputs.

Projects are situated across the UK and internationally and feature a wide range of sizes.

Assets include 1.50kW domestic wind turbines up to 69MW wind farms, 2kWP domestic solar schemes up to 100MWp solar farms, and hydro schemes up to 2MW. Project designs also feature hybrid technologies (including G100 connections), storage solutions, and private-wire connections.

Evaluations are undertaken at all stages, from pre-construction funding to operational refinancing and acquisition.

Our client-driven and proportionate approach ensures key data is appraised while minimising transaction due diligence costs and turnaround times.

Site visits are conducted during: predevelopment stage to verify contextual surroundings that may affect construction and long term performance; key stages in the construction of the development to document and confirm the quality of the works; and, operational stages to inspect the ‘as-built’ design and condition.

For energy yield assessments (EYAs), measured environmental data or historical energy data from operational assets is processed and prepared for correlation with off-site long term reference climatic data.

Assessment includes enquiry into downtime periods, performance issues, and environmentally impacted generation periods. Long term P50 yields are derived based on measured site data and historical climate, accounting for technical losses.

Uncertainty analyses are undertaken to estimate the variability of long term prediction due to measurement and modelling accuracy, as well as natural variability, and forms the basis of P90 energy production estimates.

  • Over 3,000MW of assets subject to appraisal
  • Over 500 projects including wind, solar, hydro, hybrid, and storage schemes
  • Planning Obligations
  • Grid Requirements
  • Ground Conditions
  • Transport Requirements
  • Project Contracts, both construction and operation
  • Warranty compliance
  • Work schedules
  • Lease technical aspects
  • CAPEX & OPEX Inputs
  • GCR derived P50 and P90
  • Windographer
  • Openwind
  • PVSyst
  • Lowflows 2