Case Study - Portfolio Wind

E-gen Portfolio

In 2009, Green Cat Renewables (GCR) was engaged to provide technical support to E-gen to help identify and develop a portfolio of 500kW FIT scale projects. A regional approach of identifying landowners who might be interested in hosting a project was followed by E-gen.

E-gen employed land agents to identify a large number of potentially interested landowners. GCR then filtered this large number of sites down to a more manageable list by assessing the sites at a high level: for predicted wind speed; planning prospects; access; proximity to dwellings and other physical constraints; buildability; grid connection potential and aviation concerns. These were combined with notes from a site visit to come up with an overall scoring for the site. Sites that scored above the target threshold were advanced to a feasibility study that considered these factors in more detail.

In parallel with this technical approach, E-gen secured a land option for the site and applied for a grid connection. Those sites that passed these tests were taken forward into full planning application and at most sites an anemometer was installed.

This process lead to 5 sites being consented and brought to a shovel ready state. At this point the sites were sold on and Green Cat Renewables provided some ongoing support as they were built out.

Key Data
  • Client: E-gen
  • Portfolio developer developing 500kW FIT scale projects
  • Over 60 sites filtered through a high level desk based screening study
  • Over 30 sites subjected to more detailed pre-feasibility study
  • 15 sites taken in to planning
  • 8 consents (four under delegated powers, two at committee, one at LRB appeal and a further one at DPEA appeal)
  • 5 sites built out