Case Study - Community Hydro

Stank Burn

Loch Lomond, Trossachs National Park, Argyll and Bute

Stank Burn Hydro is a run-of-river scheme situated on the slopes of Ben Ledi, in the Breadalbane area of the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.

Green Cat Renewables carried out the Client’s Engineer role which included: discharge of planning and CAR licence conditions, detailed design, Health and Safety/CDM, technical procurement, contractor management and construction supervision.

The key elements of this project were:


The Callander Community Develop- ment Trust initiated the development of this hydro project. It was the first community hydro project in Scotland. Initial steps included an assessment of hydropower development potential within the Callander Community Council administrative area.


The intake, incorporating a coanda type screen, is situated on the lip of a broad corrie area, close to an existing culvert.


The HPPE pipeline is 860m in length from intake to powerhouse with a maximum pressure of 16bar.


The powerhouse is a steel portal frame with concrete block infill. The roof is a single pitched design with a grey profiled tin covering. The structure is clad with locally grown larch timber. The acoustic doors insure that sound emissions are kept to a minimum.

The turbine is a Gilkes twin jet pelton machine which has 650mm runner diameter and operates at 750rpm. It is connected to a 495kVA 3 – phase 415V generator.


All elements of scheme can be accessed by existing forestry tracks. No new permanent tracks were required.

Key Data
  • Client: Callander Community Hydro Limited
  • Power: 425kW
  • Gross Head: 153m
  • Maximum Flow : 348 litres/second
  • Turbine Type: Twin Jet Pelton
  • Pipeline: 2.8km
  • Predicted Average Annual Energy Production (AAPE): ~1,200 MWh
  • Date of Commissioning: September 2014
  • National Park