Case Study - Wind with Onsite Usage


Matlock, Derbyshire

Green Cat Renewables (GCR) acted as the Client’s Engineer, including providing assistance with the commercial negotiations between the factory and client to allow export from the turbine to supply the factory.

Due to the transmission constraints in the local area, the site would not be able to export the full 1.5MW onto the WPD network until summer 2017. The network operator, WPD could only offer a 50kW connection prior to this date. To ensure the higher FiT tariff was secured a deal was struck with the neighbouring factory, Sibelco, to supply them with power from the turbine. This meant integrating the turbine and factories connection together.

GCR assisted with the design of the electrical configuration to ensure that no more than 50kw was exported to the grid. A controller was installed at the point of connection to curtail the turbine when the power consumed by the factory, plus the grid export, was less than what the turbine could produce at that moment in time.

This also created a complex metering configuration where the requirement was to incorporate half hourly meters at each respective entry point. GCR designed the metering set up as well as successfully arranging an appropriate supply company to apportion how much of the turbines generation is used by the factory.

Key Data
  • 1.5MW project consented in 2012
  • 1 Enercon E70 derated to 1500kW
  • Due to network constraints the connection of the turbine and neighbouring factory was integrated
  • GCR managed tender scoping procedure, contract award, and construction
  • Successful management of design and construction of all electrical infrastructure, including metering, of both customer and DNO equipment