Green Cat Renewables delighted to be part of the delivery of UK’s first commercial Green Ammonia Plant.

| Post by Green Cat

GREEN CAT is delighted to have supported Eneus Energy and Hammars Hill Energy in the delivery of the first commercial green hydrogen/ammonia plant in the UK.

The development – along with the proposed wind turbines extension at Hammars Hill – was approved by the Orkney Council Planning Committee at a meeting on January 20.

Green Cat Renewables acted as planning agent for both parties and provided technical support and project management services – producing the planning and technical assessments to support the planning application.

Using a zero-carbon process, the site near Evie on the mainland of Orkney, will harness the renewable electricity generated by the wind turbines, to produce hydrogen (H₂) from water, and then combine it with nitrogen (N₂) from the air to form ammonia (NH₃).

Green Cat Director, Gavin Catto commented:

“We are delighted to have secured consent for this innovative project. As we move through the energy transition and start to decarbonise the economy more deeply, we need to start thinking more widely about energy and how we capture and utilise it.

This project, which uses the abundant wind energy resource available on Orkney and converts it into a fuel which can be used to decarbonise heat and transport on the islands, is going to be a key demonstration of how this transition can be achieved and we are delighted to be involved.”