Green Cat Renewables completes on Deuchries Wind Farm, Aberdeenshire

| Post by Green Cat
Green Cat signed off on the Deuchries Wind Farm project early 2018 – the first to be fully funded, constructed, and completed solely by the company.

Owned outright by Green Cat companies, work began last year utilising all companies under the Green Cat umbrella.

Green Cat Renewables managed the construction of the project, with sister companies Green Cat Contracting and Prelec providing the civil and electrical contracting work, respectively.
The project had been given the go-ahead by Aberdeenshire Council in April 2014, but was delayed by the grid connection. Once Green Cat was in control, grid issues were swiftly resolved, and construction works commenced in early 2017.

In a post-subsidy renewables market, Green Cat’s approach of offering the complete in-house service allows the company to continue to deliver projects at competitive costs.

“On the Deuchries project, Green Cat provided engineering consultancy, construction management and development support,” explained Gavin Catto, Director, Green Cat renewables.
“Green Cat Contracting worked on civil construction, and Prelec undertook electrical works, including acting as a grid ICP. In a post subsidy world, driving down the cost per installed MW is key to making projects viable, the Green Cat approach of offering the complete in-house service places us at the forefront of this drive to reduce costs.”

Deuchries Wind Farm consists of three Enercon E82 wind turbines, with a total capacity of 7.05MW, and is located near the village of Aberchirder, Aberdeenshire.
Over the lifetime of the development, a community benefit fund totaling £600,000 will be provided to the Aberchirder & District Community Association, and the Alvah & Forglen Community Council.

The first payment is in the Association fund, and the first allocation of money in the community will take place in June.

Aberchirder Association Secretary, Bob Peden, said: “It seems such a long time since the Deuchries Wind Farm was first mooted, but once Green Cat took over the project, things moved very quickly. The Association has just received the first annual payment of over £26,500 into the Community Fund. We were kept informed at all times during the construction by Green Cat, which in turn allowed us to keep the community in touch with developments and prepare local groups for having access to funding.”

“We decide, through a committee of representatives from both Association and Council, as well as local representatives from the area, how the funding will be applied for and shared. We are all really excited at the prospect of encouraging local organisations to provide as wide a range of benefits to as many people in the community as possible”