Phase 1 turbine erection complete at Pogbie Wind Farm

| Post by Green Cat

The latest Phase 1 construction at Pogbie Wind Farm was completed last week with the erection of the last of the six turbines.

Low winds and good weather played a part in allowing Enercon to finish the erection of the turbines at the East Lothian site in good time.

Electrical works in the substation are in full swing, and site energisation should be achieved by mid-August.

Project Manager, Farlane Whitty, said: “With works in the substation well under way, getting the last turbine up is an important milestone, and Phase 1 of the project looks on track to commission in September.”

Phase 2 turbines are not due for delivery for several months, but the site will soon be ready for them, with the last of the six foundations poured earlier this week.

Whitty added: “Green Cat Contracting has done a power of work finishing the Phase 2 foundations. There’s a bit of tidying up on the site to do, but Phase 2 should be a simple matter of getting the turbines up and plugging them in towards the end of the year.”

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