Scotland to reduce carbon emissions by 90% by 2050

| Post by Green Cat
The Scottish Government last week set out a new target to reduce carbon emissions by 90 per cent by 2050.

The new Climate Change Bill also sets interim targets to be met.  The existing target of a 42 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 will now increase to a 56 per cent drop by then, a 66 per cent drop by 2030, and a 78 per cent drop by 2040.

Green Cat has played its part in the progress to-date, helping deliver over 450 renewable energy projects in Scotland in the past 12 years, contributing to C02 savings of approximately 794,230 tonnes a year.

Our most recent installation, solar & EV charging at our Edinburgh offices shown above, matches generation to demand. Moving ahead we look forward to continuing to play our part in meeting these ambitious targets.

Green Cat Director Gavin Catto said:

“As the market moves forward we are going to see a process of increased electrification of transport and heating, and an evolution in the way electricity is delivered.

Meeting the challenge of delivering all of this low carbon energy, whilst both ‘keeping the lights on’, and keeping costs affordable for consumers, is going to require innovation and new ways of thinking.

Green Cat has always been at the forefront of finding innovative ways of driving down project costs or maximising project returns, whether that be by co-locating generating technologies, the use of energy storage, direct supply or demand side management.

We look forward to playing our part in achieving those 2050 targets.”