Alasdair Warnock

Alasdair is a qualified town planner and urban designer, holding a BA (Hons) in Environmental Planning and an MA in Urban Design, with over 10 years of experience in completing Townscape and Visual Impact Assessments; and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments, particularly specialising in wind energy developments.  Alasdair has experience in taking a project right from initial site selection, through to project design and assessment. He has a wealth of experience in every aspect of completing an LVIA, including site selection, viewpoint selection and photography, graphics and written assessment. Within his ten years of experience, he has undertaken a number of large-scale wind projects as well as landscape capacity work for local authorities. He is comfortable in attending both client meetings, design workshops and consultation with relevant organisations, in order to understand the specific scope of each project he undertakes.  He also has experience in landscape design, including master planning, planting plans and Landscape Clerk of Works.