Kirsten Dickson

Kirsten is an IEMA Practitioner (PIEMA) with an MSc in Environmental Management with conservation specialisation. She has a keen interest in groundwater, hydrological and ecological issues, and utilises strong GIS skills with an expertise in ground conditions, habitat assessment and mapping. Having worked in the renewables sector for several years, Kirsten has been involved in all stages of project development from initial site identification and layout design, to conducting site walkovers and environmental assessments, through to post-planning works and discharge of planning conditions. Kirsten is comfortable in liaising with stakeholders and community groups as well as the management of the project team across hydrology, ecology, and ornithology disciplines. Kirsten has built a thorough understanding of the EIA and regulatory process within the UK renewables sector, authoring and reviewing key chapters within the EIA, with focus on hydrology and hydrogeology assessments, peat management plans, flood risk assessments, and ecological and ornithological assessments.