Merlin Garnett

Merlin is a Senior Noise Consultant with an MSc in Renewable Energy and a Diploma in Acoustics from the Institute of Acoustics. Responsible for the management of noise equipment, planning and execution of noise measurement fieldwork, development of data validation and analysis tools, data analysis, reporting and peer review. He has extensive experience in the production of ETSU-R-97 noise impact assessments for wind turbine projects ranging from single 100kW turbines through to multi-megawatt wind farms and industrial noise following BS4142. He has conducted more than fifty post-completion assessments for wind projects throughout Scotland and England. Has experience of several sound power measurements and tonal analysis assessments following IEC 61400-11:2012 (Wind turbines – Part 11: Acoustic noise measurement techniques). Merlin also sits on the shadow sub-committee to MT 11, the British Standards Institute body that reviews amendments to, and discusses the development of, IEC 61400-11 and is an expert in the measurement and rating of amplitude modulation in turbine noise.